Mr. Chow-Miller

I could not be happier!  The whiteboard paint works like a charm.  I’m going to have students writing all over my room, and that’s the way it should be!!  Check out a few examples of what some teachers did at a recent training…

This is Lois Noble from Spanaway Middle School getting her robot to go forward for a very specific number of rotations.  She first measured the diameter of her wheel and then multiplied by pi.  Her answer gave her the distance of one wheel rotation, she had to divide her circumference into the overall distance to get the number of rotations needed to knock the Imperial Walker off the table without falling off herself.   All of the math is written on the table!

In this next vid, you see four robots starting on their mark with (very) shorthand notation showing how far they had to go forward and for how many rotations:

Teachers need notes too!