Brainstorming on the Table

As an opening day activity groups were challenged to build the tallest free standing towers out of the following parts: 2 plastic spoons, 5 craft sticks, three pencils, two cups, three
mailing labels, and two plastic golf tees. They had to brainstorm their ideas first by drawing on the whiteboard tables for two minutes before they were allowed to build. The tallest tower was 38 13/16 inches tall.

20120905-214421.jpg 20120905-214407.jpg


20120905-214501.jpg 20120905-214508.jpg20120905-214528.jpg 20120905-214515.jpg


20120905-214555.jpg 20120905-214604.jpg

The one below on the right was a very close 38 inches, but the one below that…

20120905-214611.jpg 20120905-214626.jpg

was 39 13/16 inches tall.  Congratulations girls!

20120905-214637.jpg 20120905-214644.jpg


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