EV3 Training Day 2


Working on the Stop at Line Tutorial from Robot Educator

Day 2 of our training in Yakima saw the teachers really get into EV3 and start going beyond the tutorials to work on some of the challenges I posted: obstacle course, line follower, counting lines, etc.

While there were a ton of really great successes, one of the things the group found difficult was the use of the gyro sensor.  More on that in a later post.  In the pics below you can see a group struggling to get it to work properly.

It says to do this...

It says to do this…

Hmmmm..... Grrrrrrrrr.....


The next group was trying to get their robot to stop on the yellow line.  As you can see in the three youtube videos they first forgot to add a motor off command, they they looked for something less reflective rather than more reflective (they stop in empty space), and finally they get it right.

That little fist pump at the end is all you want to see as an instructor whether your students are teachers or middle schoolers.  I could care less about grades.  🙂

This group finally got their robot to turn with the gyro sensor, but it was far from easy, as I said, look for a later post on this.

These two groups did some classic line following:

Listen to the interesting background chatter here:

Finally, Eric borrowed an expansion and core kit for the night and stayed up until 1 am Sun. morning working on the elephant.  He finished it just about 4 pm Sunday.


One thought on “EV3 Training Day 2

  1. Thanks for the post!

    I’ve also had a bit of a play with the elephant and also wondered about how to make it walk further with the sample program. My youngest son discovered that if you press the forward (or backward) button multiple times it will walk further.


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