EV3 NXT Compatibility

I ran some tests using the EV3 software to program an EV3 robot with EV3 sensors, an EV3 robot with NXT sensors and an NXT robot with NXT sensors.

This first video shows the set up of the program for all three conditions.

Here’s the first program I ran.  It works as it uses EV3 in all circumstances (hw, sw, and sensors).  I just used it as a baseline.  The robot should drive forward until it senses a close object, stop, wait 2 seconds, back up until it senses a black line (using EV3 color sensor in ref. light mode), stop, wait 2 seconds, back up until it senses the red line (EV3 color sensor in color mode), stop, wait 2 seconds, turn to the right until the gyro sensor senses an increase greater than 90 deg., stop, wait 2 seconds, then drive forward until it hears a loud sound, stop and play fanfare.

Here’s a screenshot of the program (e-mail me if you want a copy of the programs):


I next tried the same program with NXT sensors on the EV3 and a few changes.  I have no NXT color sensor, only a light sensor, so it just stopped at the black line but not the red, and I substituted the touch sensor for the gyro sensor (no LEGO NXT gyro sensor).  It worked fine this way.


Finally I tried the same with an NXT robot and sensors.  Here I ran into a little bit of trouble.  The light sensor in reflected light mode stopped the robot early (before the black line) almost every time.


And that’s that so far.  Some things I would like to try are: working on turns – apparently the NXT does not turn “properly” when programmed with EV3 software, trying the Hi-Technic gyro sensor on an NXT using EV3 software (longshot, huh?) and seeing if I can get EV3 sensors to work on an NXT using either NXT or EV3 software.  Please add any thoughts you have in the comments section.  Thanks!




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