Move Without Wheels!

Workshop I ran with Travis' help at NSTA conference.

Workshop I ran with Travis’ help at NSTA conference.

I went down to Portland, OR to do a workshop at the NSTA Conference using the new LEGO Education Design and Engineering Curriculum for EV3. The new curricula LEGO Ed. are producing are pretty cool as they load right into EV3 as add-on modules in the lobby, no need to open a 2nd program. The D+E curriculum has a bunch of challenges designed to integrate with the Engineering component of the Next Generation Science Standards. I chose a fun one to do for the workshop, Move Without Wheels. You can see the results below:

You can see the rest of the videos on the Move Without Wheels playlist on my youtube channel!


Fun Little Spin Program

My 4th period class made a fun little program for their robots after the Wave.  First they got the robots to spin in place, one after the other, then in return order.  While watching their robots perform the students started humming noises from a lower pitch to a higher one.  I told them they could get their robots to make those noises and the students’ eyes lit up.  Here’s the result:

The cool thing about this program is it introduced the students to the idea of parallel programming which is a lot easier to do with EV3.


Listen Closely!