First Day

image Been a while since I posted… Thought I’d share some pics and vids from the first lesson I do in Robotics each year.  I have the students examine the Grey and black (friction) pins and to write down the differences.   Then I add in some beams and tell them to play and see what the functional  difference between the two is. image image image image image And finally I ask them to show the differences:



Robotics in the Classroom

This Edutopia article by my friend Mark Gura makes a strong argument for making Robotics a part of every school’s curriculum. He uses examples from different curricular areas like math, science, ELA, etc. and even highlights my Wave project as evidence. Here’s the latest group doing the Wave:

EV3 Training in Yakima – August 10 and 11th

Time to put myself to the test.  Just completed the first day of a two day EV3 training with about 25 teachers in Yakima.  Great facilities and resources provided by Moe Broom, Eric Franz and the staff at Yakima CTE.  And a wonderful set of teachers had a lot of fun and learned quite a bit too!

I split the class in two and had half of them build Damien’s Riley Rover, while the other half built LEGO’s Robot Educator Model.




BuildingRileyRover2BuildingLEGOREM2BuildingLEGOREM3 BuildingLEGOREM4

After they were done building they went through the Robot Educator Tutorial for Tank Steering and here’s the results:

After that we went on to the Wave of course.  Here’s an early attempt and the almost perfect final: