First Day

image Been a while since I posted… Thought I’d share some pics and vids from the first lesson I do in Robotics each year.  I have the students examine the Grey and black (friction) pins and to write down the differences.   Then I add in some beams and tell them to play and see what the functional  difference between the two is. image image image image image And finally I ask them to show the differences:




EV3 Training in Yakima – August 10 and 11th

Time to put myself to the test.  Just completed the first day of a two day EV3 training with about 25 teachers in Yakima.  Great facilities and resources provided by Moe Broom, Eric Franz and the staff at Yakima CTE.  And a wonderful set of teachers had a lot of fun and learned quite a bit too!

I split the class in two and had half of them build Damien’s Riley Rover, while the other half built LEGO’s Robot Educator Model.




BuildingRileyRover2BuildingLEGOREM2BuildingLEGOREM3 BuildingLEGOREM4

After they were done building they went through the Robot Educator Tutorial for Tank Steering and here’s the results:

After that we went on to the Wave of course.  Here’s an early attempt and the almost perfect final: